Saint Exhange is a local trading scheme allowing people to trade locally in and around the town of St Andrews, Fife.

Set up in 2011, the scheme allows local residents to join for free and trade goods/skills/services using "Saints". The scheme is based on a well established community-credit system: Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS), which is analogous to an indirect bartering scheme. LETS systems opens up trading opportunities between members- making a whole range of goods, skills and services available to the community, which would otherwise not exist. By measuring trades using “Saints” (the LETS unit of exchange), the St Andrews scheme provides a service whereby members can share skills and talents that they enjoy and thus earn Saints, which they can spend them on the things that they want or need from other members.

LETS schemes are being used worldwide and there are over 60 active schemes in the UK. They allow communities to trade and exchange goods, skills and services locally, creating a more sustainable local economy. It also encourages ”wealth” created within the community to stay right here, supporting local residents and businesses, and allowing people to develop and utilise their skills,  whilst encouraging low carbon lifestyles.

Transition University of St Andrews (funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund) is supporting the development of the scheme, which is open to anyone living in St Andrews and the surrounding Fife area.

To find out more about the scheme, click on the About section of the website. To find out more about how to join, visit the How to Join page. You can also look through a preview version of the current directory- which shows what is being offered on the scheme- by visiting the Directory page.

Scottish Governemt: Climate Challenge Fund Website      Transition University of St Andrews Website

Transition UStA works in Patnership with StAndEn under the St Andrews Communities Working Together partnership which is funded through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund- providing grants for community groups wishing to tackle climate change and make community improvements by reducing their carbon emissions.


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